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Yannco Technical Services LLC

راس الخور, دبي, دبي, الإمارات
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شركة Yannco L.L.C هي شركة متخصصة في صيانة المباني ، وهي متخصصة في تنفيذ خدمات صيانة المباني عالية المستوى. تعتبر الآن واحدة من أكبر شركات الصيانة في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة. تغطي جميع الأنواع ، من الصيانة المحلية إلى أعمال البناء مع الحد الأدنى من التعطيل ولكن مع أقصى قيمة مقابل المال.


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  • TM
    Really liked the quality of the service and the friendly team that did the paint job in my apartment. Thank you so much Yannc0
  • NA
    Highly recommend
  • SN
    Thank you guys for the amazing service.
  • SR
    I called them to fix a problem in my house and they were really quick and professional. Highly recommend
  • Thank you for a great service and fast response...
  • NS
    I requested a paint job for my mom's house and the guys was really quick and we didn't have to go through usual hassle of painting a house
  • mh
    I requested a handy man for a minor maintainence job in my house and the guy who came was really professional and helpful. Thank you!
  • Ay
    Used Yannco for a paint job in my house and the results was beyond satisfying. thank you guys
  • MA
    professional and very helpful


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