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البوابة الالكترونية الأسرع نموا" في دولة الامارات

Al Niyadi Tower, Airport Road, شارع دلما, مدينة أبوظبي, أبوظبي, الإمارات
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موقع ستورات هو بوابة الكترونية تمكنك من بناء متجر "ستور" الكتروني لنشر منتجاتك من عقارات أو موتورات أو سيارات أو خدمات أو أي منتجات أخرى، وكذلك يمكنك نشر آخر الأخبار مجانا". لقد قمنا بإنشاء الخطة الأكثر فعالية من حيث التكلفة لتعطيك الأدوات التي تحتاجها لتسويق علامتك التجارية والتواصل بشكل محترف ومهني مع الزبائن، مثل بناء مواقع مخصصة وحسابات بريد الكترونية للأعمال في المجال الخاص بك "domain"، وإضافة لافتات على الفئات المختلفة في موقع ستورات، جنبا إلى جنب مع البريد الإلكتروني، والرسائل القصيرة ووسائل التواصل الاجتماعي والتسويق الرقمي الخاص بك.



  • VK
    Very Good service - well done
  • JL
    Dear CEO of Storat. Very bad experience with Muhammad from storat +971 50 395 8959. I book one service for today at 10.00 am and no news from the team. When I send message after 5 hours to wait the team. He told me let me check with my team what happened. BUT NO WAY AT THIS TIME, no answer, no news from Muhammad. Very bad service quality Sorry, if I can, I do 0 stars
  • R
    Awesome app and marketplace, will be using it always.
  • RD
    My nanny order hang all day without confirmation, no reply through customer service, not picking the phone and as a result the service was not delivered. Would not recommended for anyone such a provider.
  • NN
    Terrible experience
  • Lb
    I was trying to book a babysitter since 5 days and no confirmation .. i was depending on your booking untill the rest of the companies were fully booked so My advise to you if you have no availability when a customer is booking just show that there is no availability so that customer can see other options other companies !!! You got my point ?!!! Your cutomer agent told me to wait untill its confirmed and i waited for nothing and when i got back to him he was telling me that i told you no availability !!! So there is a little bit of lying here and its not nice seriously !!! I had to cancel my work to stay with my kids just because you guys are not informing the customer that there is no availability !!! What a waste of time 😒
  • حا
    قمت بحجز خادمات تنظيف ولم يتم التواصل معي
  • A
    انا قمت بطلب خادمةولم يتم التوصل معي
  • ET
    From website, to call center, from searching deals and booking was extremely awesome!
  • QA
    First of all should say the customer service is super excellent. This was my first purchase and had to face a issue with the processing. I have never gone through this kind of perfect customer service to solve the issue. I recommend this to everyone i know
  • MN
    The service we’re very good and professional .. the response on booking process is even better.. and call center is the best! .. overall, it was smooth and easy experience.. One suggestion in mind.. if you just dedicate one person for the service to the client for faster response. Even though, you’re doing great.
  • NS
    Great service
  • mh
    Amazing service from Storat helping us sell our service!
  • ZO
    Selling Treatments in a new country despite being a recognized brand isn’t easy at all! But opening in UAE and knowing Storat to help us grow in UAE was an advantage. Investing here in Storat is value for money. We have been getting business from them since we joined them. Their platform is extremely simple and helps you mention about your treatments and products in just few minutes. The creative strategy and efficient team together at Storat has helped us build a great brand in UAE as well.
  • BG
    All of us love ordering delicious food online! This is what was our aim- we wanted to establish our presence in the online market and Storat got us through it. Storat got us the ideal brand awareness and platform for establishing the required online presence. They helped us design the required website, online delivery options and thus getting us business online!
  • RR
    Our Real Estate business is expectedly getting wings from Storat! Being new to the platform, we’re expecting to get in touch with the potential customers. This platform has helped us mention and showcase the accommodations we have in our knowledge available for rent or sale. Storat has made it all easy to track the customers, contact them and expand the business.
  • GT
    Real estate is a mainstream offline running business but Storat got us online! Our recent online presence is bringing up the expectation of better business through Storat. The team is communicative and believes in keeping us updated about all the changes and tasks being performed. They keep in touch with you for the leads acquired. We’ve had a great experience with Storat until now.
  • Storat’s lead generation platform is your helping hand to get in touch with your customers! We can easily reach out to the potential customers interested in our services. We’ve got the knowledge about the platform and it’s benefit recently and are looking forward to get the expected leads and brand awareness from them! Good Luck to the team!
  • DC
    Our recent signing up at Storat has been exciting! We are expecting it to be a turning investment for our business and our brand. So far, the contribution from the team has been remarkable and we are looking forward to a better response from the platform.
  • MH
    Signed up with Storat for the Digital marketing services proved to be a good decision! With the efforts put forward by the team helped us promote and establish ourselves as a known medical center not just in Dubai but in Sharjah as well! We have been updated about the lead generation platform! This new system sets them apart since we can rely on them for good and genuine leads for an expanded reach and business. Thankyou Storat!
  • KM
    Storat is an innovative and user-friendly platform to promote your services online and also generate good business. An easy medium to promote your services and business. They help you drive business with their lead generation platform. We have been able to close business but looking forward to more leads or customers.
  • IM
    Storat and Our Medical Center have been in touch since the early days of the platform. We’ve driven business from them utilizing their advancements and new technologies. Their team updates and trained our staff to use and understand the platform. They have responsibly taken up the task of building our online presence in the stipulated time. Thereafter coordinating with us on their recent updates. The lead generation panel is easy to use and understand. Delivering Business with Quality and In-time!
  • MS
    Though it's been a little time since we have enrolled in the Lead Generation Package offered by Storat, we’ve experienced the potential increase in our business in a short span! Investing here in Storat is valuable.
  • BT
    It has been challenging to understand if trusting them was a good decision or not, but our initial confusion got a resolution sooner with their delivery of work and business! We have received immediate and appropriate responses to all our queries from the sales team. The team keeps us updated with the ongoing tasks and progress even if we miss out on something.
  • AM has got potential! Digital Marketing Works not only improved the effectiveness of our online presence but also dramatically increased the revenue we generated from our website as well. Selling treatments is comparatively tougher than selling products or services, but they managed to give us business. They evolved and came up with the Lead Generation Platform which indeed added a boost to the growth of our medical center. Expecting more from Storat and appreciation for the existing work!
  • IF
    خدمة جدا رائعة من فريق ستورات. في بناء المواقع وأدارت حملتنا الالكترونية
  • HT
    We have been working with team in Abu Dhabi since August 2017. We loved their response time and the fact that they are based in Abu Dhabi. They helped migrate to a new website and manage our social media accounts. We highly recommend then for their professional approach and responsiveness. Cons: you need to work closer with them on explaining your target customers. Otherwise their digital marketing team may widen the reach and that will impact the advertisement performance.
  • manage our entire online advertisement and presence. Since we switched to their platform, we are getting hundreds of leads per month, helping us more than triple our business in a short period of time.
  • SH
    We have been working with storat since their early launch. We stopped all print advertisement after 3 months of working with them as they helped reduce our marketing budget by 75% while doubling our business. Very responsive sales and support team. Thank you!
  • AE
    very helpful


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