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شركة Space Mix للخدمات الفنية هي شركة محترفة تقدم خدمات الصيانة مثل تنظيف مكيفات الهواء وتنظيف مياه الخزانات والسباكة والكهرباء وخدمات الطلاء وأكثر من ذلك. تقدم شركة Space Mix خدمة عالية الجودة بكفاءة مضمونة و رضاء عملاء أكيد.


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  • HM
    We had a huge plumping disaster and i needed someone urgently to fix it and space mix helped me out in no time. Thank you guys you are awesome!
  • HA
    I love how professional and helpful the team at space mix is.
  • JM
    amazing team! I always call them for my handyman services and they never disappoint to be honest.
  • Ay
    حجزت عرض ال 50% خصم على تصليح التكييفات و سعيد جدا بمستوى الخدمة
  • Really satisfied with their service, thanks.
  • MR
    Great work in deep cleaning our AC in Mirdif. AC cleaning is a major issue for us in Mirdif because of the dust it gathers. so it was important to find a company that can get the job done without making a big mess in the villa.
  • CG
    The best handyman service provider I ever tried. Highly recommend
  • DK
    My ac units needed a week worth of cleaning to be honest, and these guys just got it done in under two hours!! Thank you Space Mix


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