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مطعم و لاونچ هاي ڤايڤ  شعار

مطعم و لاونچ هاي ڤايڤ



فندق هوليداي إن ، دبي, مدينة دبي الإعلامية, دبي, دبي, الإمارات

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حول مطعم و لاونچ هاي ڤايڤ

يقع مطعم هاي ڤايڤ في قلب المدينة ،ويتمتع بإطلالة على شاطئ الخليج، والمطعم الأنيق مع أفضل المناظر و أضواء المدينة ، ويتمتع المطعم بشرفتين لكي يمكنك الاستمتاع بهذه المناظر. يمكن للضيوف الاستمتاع بأجواء مريحة و مُسليه، من خلال تقديم أعاني يبرزها دي چي في عطلات نهاية الأسبوع ، حيث يمكن للضيوف النزول إلى التراسات والاستمتاع بوجبة فريسكو في الهواء الطلق على خلفية الموسيقى الرائعة


  • AH
    First time visit, will be last. I'm shocked it had decent rating, I would give zero Stars if I could, the staff was friendly, but were all over the place. There was no manager in sight, we were there for over 5 hrs. We went for their Tuesday Sushi offer. The sushi rice was I unseasoned, basmati rice and fell apart. Honestly, Carrefour makes better sushi. It took over 45 mins to get just one little plate out, and the place wasn't full, not even half full and we were the first ones there. The drinks were just water, ice and some syrup, very tasteless and no alcohol at all. Also, they advertised all over their website, social media. Page, and the venue bathrooms about their offer which is 99aed for all. But for some reason the waitress was insisting that only females is 99, which is absurd and not what is advertised and written on theif official website and the venue itself. What a waste of a big space and decent view. Honestly, they should give us back our money. Just awful, hopefully we won't become ill from the sushi. Also, it is shameful to block customers and delete their reviews in Instagram, show your lack of maturity and honesty of your establishment. Instead of blocking and ignoring, you should improve your food and service.


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