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Mission Our mission is to provide swimming services and opportunities in a structure and environment accessible by everyone with a commitment to inspire achievement within sport. Vision Our vision is to become the world's foremost private swimming academy through offering high quality swimming opportunities and education; committed to improving the standards of water safety and swimming performance, whilst developing long-lasting relationships with our members and partners. People are the heart of Hamilton Aquatics. No matter where a person comes from, what their background is, what level they are starting at or what level they aspire to be, we are a whole team there to support and guide every member of Hamilton Aquatics in their development (including swimmers, parents, schools and employees). Values Our values aren't just words on paper, but actions that every member of Hamilton Aquatics is encouraged to demonstrate, whether they are an employee, a swimmer, a parent, or anyone else that we work with. We have four primary values that are all held together through unity. When all four values are displayed in unison, each value is strengthened.


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