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اكاديمية دولفين الرياضية

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اكاديمية تدريب سباحة، كرة القدم، باليه، جمباز، ايروبيك ارضي، ايروبيك مائي و كراتيه

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تأسست اكاديمية دولفين للرياضة في عام 2006 في الإمارات العربية المتحدة ولديها 5 فروع بين ابوظبي ودبي وعجمان, وبدأت الأكاديمية بتقديم دروس سباحة وقد تم تدريب اكثر من 500 سباح شارك الكثير منهم في مسابقات منذ عام 2009 وحتى الآن وحصلوا على العديد من الجوائز والميداليات الذهبية, كما ان اكاديمية دولفين معروفة بوجود أفضل السباحين لديها محلياً ودولياً. نحن نضمن لك أفضل تعليم على الإطلاق مع فريقنا المحترف من المدربين, كما اننا دائماً حرصين على عملنا لكي نقدم لك أفضل خدمة حيث أننا نهتم بكل فرد على حداه لكي يتعلم جيداً, بالإضافة إلى ذلك, نحن نقوم بتطوير خدماتنا دائماً لكي تناسب إحتياجاتك, ولدينا حمامات سباحة نظيفة وعلى أعلى مستوى, وأهم ما في الأمر انه في دولفين أكاديمي ستشعر بالألفة حيث يتعامل معك جميع الموظفين بشكل ودي للغاية وبأرقى أسلوب.



  • SS
    Very nice place and the Coach is also very good.
  • ET
    they are fantastic. We took their Winter Swimming Class from Storat which has 12classes in a month (09am-12nn sched), had some issues as apparently, my kid was the only one who enrolled but still they accepted him, put him in the 3pm class and since then, my kid always says he is happy every after the class. My wife is taking pics and videos of his class and the instructors are really professional in handling 3y/o kid. Will surely continue his classes in this academy.
  • FK
    Was good experience. Hope the kids learn and take the opportunity.
  • SA
    Very good coach in football for kids.
  • NQ
    Kamilia was good .. she trained me well with the basics
  • MA
    You call me many times asking me to bay and you told me that there is no more faza card discount and when I go they told me it’s still there I paid more because you are not honest
  • Jj
    When we went to the pool for my daughter’s assessment, we located the place immediately, it was very accessible. The manager pick us up from the parking and was very helpful and accommodating. He endorse us to a Coach who will assess my kid and it went very smoothly without any tension to my kid. My daughter was very happy after and was very excited to get to her first class on the following day. To Dolphin Sports Academy, more power and continue to help people achieve their dreams!!!
  • AA
    Its a good place, but a little busy due to weekend ruch
  • SU
    Nice and friendly coach's
  • PS
    I visited Al Madina branch and it was a small pool 20 mtr long. There are 2 coaches and about 10 plus students. Coach Nishan is good in taking control of kids and teaching.
  • HH
    Very good trainers and very coperative
  • FS
    the coaches are great
  • AS
    the location is not very good, the classes were okay.
  • No Special Instructor. Special child rejected without a second thought. Fees for special kids too high even though it's in the very compound on Club for people of Determination.
  • NM
    The experience was awesome. The coach is very helpful and the assistance offered is excellent. Would refer to friends and families. But u have to check with the Dolphin administration for the proper schedules. I was given a schedule by storat which was not as per the available time slots of the Dolphin academy schedule. Other than that it was amazing experience.
  • MA
    very professional academy
  • KE
    The academy is great and the captains and crew are very professional
  • MM
    Good support from Dolphin sport academy. Very good trainers and they know well how to start the beginners like kids
  • MA
    First day for my child learning to Swim. Capitain Belal very professional and helpful. Was afraid if the will be afraid in the first day as he doesn't know how to swim. But turned to be great experience.
  • OK
  • RN
    بطمن كتير على أولادي في الأكاديمية
  • TF
    they know how to treat the children and take care of adults
  • RM
    المكان يستحق 10 نجوم
  • LA
    amazing in Gymnastics
  • FA
    أفضل مكان لتعليم السباحة
  • NM
    my kids enjoys Karate in the academy very much
  • FH
    كورسات تعليم الرسم ممتازة ومفيدة جداً
  • RH
    very kind football team
  • AR
    أكاديمية مجهزة على أعلى مستوى
  • IM
    i like the way of the motivation of the trainers to the kids
  • MA
    حصص القرآن رائعة تبارك الله
  • AM
    حبيت المكان كتير والأنشطة
  • AH
    nice sports camp
  • HR
    the trainers take care about our kids
  • MM
    أولادي بيحبو تمرين الكارتيه جداً في أكاديمية دولفين
  • AA
    perfect football stadium
  • wA
    الأنشطة ممتازة جداً
  • HM
    cozy place with perfect trainers
  • Hs
    المكان حلو جداً وأنشطته مختلفة
  • AR
    i have good experience with my kid in dolphin
  • MK
    Professional team
  • AE
    very good trainer and safety place to our kids


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