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All of the major Emirates have a number of visa service companies. You can straight away approach any of them whenever you are planning your trip. These companies handle everything for you - from visa arrangements to flight bookings and hotel bookings.

Visit Visa

A visit visa will allow you to enter your selected trip destination for a specified duration. Visit visa or visitor visa is granted in cases including recreation or leisure activities, for visiting your family or friends staying abroad and for business purpose. You can also apply for such type of visa for getting medical treatment in a foreign country.

There are many countries that allow the conversion of visit visa into residence visas and employment visas. There are certain requirements to be followed which vary with the countries.

Visit visas are available for the short term with 30 days validity as well as for an extended stay with 90 days validity in most of the countries around the world.

Tourist Visa

Tourist visa is an ideal option when traveling abroad. There are many visa companies which will help you get a tourist visa. Through a tourist visa you will be able to explore your trip destination in a smoothest manner possible.

Tourist visa acts as your permission to stay for a specified time period in the particular country. It also specifies the permitted number of your visits. Such visas are granted for casual visits to the country such as sight seeing and generally prohibits the visa holder from working in the country. However, such rules differ with countries.

Multiple Entry Visa

A multiple entry visa allows you to visit a country more than once in a stipulated time period. You can visit the country multiple times or enjoy a longer stay during the validity of such visas. However, there are limitations on the maximum number of days during each of your visits.

Multiple entry visas are perfect choice for frequent travellers like business professionals. The validity of this type of visa range from 6 months to a couple of years from the date they are issued. For example, multiple entry visa for UAE has 6 months validity with maximum stay of 30 days at a stretch.

Transit Visa

While traveling there are chances that your flight might take a stopover for several hours. In such a case, you are eligible to get a transit visa of that country. All the procedures for getting such visas are handled by your airlines.

Transit visas are granted when the stopover exceeds certain specified hours, which depends on the city or country your flight takes a halt. It may also allow you to explore the destination and a hotel stay. The validity of such visas are short, ranging from several hours to 10 - 14 days.

Student Visa

If you wish to study abroad, you would have to apply for a student visa for that country. Usually, all the universities and educational institutes make arrangements for student visas. You can approach visa companies in Abu Dhabi which will guide you thoroughly about the procedures to be done.

Employment Visa

You will need an employment visa to work in a different country. The company offering you the employment becomes your sponsor in this case and handles all the formalities. However, employment visas are required by some of the countries even when you are self employed and wish to provide your services independently in their country. The validity of such visas are generally from a couple of months to a few years depending upon the nature and purpose of your work.

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