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Enji Tawakol

For Al Meehal Football Club

brilliant work thank you...
Bassant Makram

For Modern Swim Academy

المدربين كتير شاطرين والمسؤولين كتير مزوقين...
Mana Haron

For Sharks Swimming Academy

my daughter ema became really good at swimming and flexible , such a fantastic place ...
Hamdan Rashed

For Storat Marketplace

Awesome app and marketplace, will be using it always. ...
Quthub Abdul Muthalib

For Storat Marketplace

First of all should say the customer service is super excellent. This was my first purchase and had ...
Abdulwahab Mohamed

For Tiger Sharks Swim Club

Great instructors...

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Change your child life forever with the most amazing Sport in the world

Don’t let your child rely on gadgets and technology for growth! Promote their growth with physical activities. Let them learn and master the skills needed to swim safely.

Playing on the iPad will not save your kid, Swimming will!

It is the single sport that will support many survival skills while being very enjoyable. As the say goes, From the Water and to the Water we return!

Weather you will choose a center near your home or option for a longer drive, don’t miss the opportunity!

Learn with the Best

Centers registered on Storat are equipped with the experts' skilled coaches and professionals that provide quality lessons and ensure that you get the best training. The trainers are essentially certified and are capable to make beginners turn into skilled swimmers.

It’s Not Just for Kids or Children

Various classes and coaches listed on Storat are offered for adult, men and women, no only children. Few centers can even accommodate infants. With convenient access to lessons and caring and thoughtful instructions, coaches and trainers provide you the help you need to learn exercise in a safe environment.

Adults Swimming Classes Cost in Abu Dhabi

The cost of the training sessions ranges from 70 AED to 1260 AED, depending upon whether it’s a group session or a private training session and the number off classes and level of difficulty. There is a range of classes and a variety of programs to choose from depending upon your budget and needs.

Which Areas Are We Located?

  • We have centers and pools all over the Island, including Al Khalidiya, Al Bateen, Al Mushrif, Tourist Club Area, Airport Road.
  • Also, the following areas outside the city may be convenient for you.
  • Khalifa City A
  • Baniyas
  • Al Shamkha
  • Al Shahama
  • Al Shawamekh
  • Al Reem Island
  • Saadiyat island
  • Yas Island
  • Al Reef Community
  • Mohammed Bin Zayed
  • Musaffah
  • Al Bahya

Are the Pool Covered?

A lot of them are as they are indoor pools inside schools and hotels

Don’t rush! Splash and run at your own pace. Learn with confidence.

The classes are generally either for beginners or for people focusing on improving the methodologies, technique, and speed specifically for adults who already know how to swim but want to improve or advance to the next level.

  • Beginners: If you are a beginner and don't know how to swim, you start by learning the basics of how to float in the water and incorporate strokes while being supported by foam floating tools and ready to use any types of equipment.
  • Intermediates: The intermediate level courses focus on technique including positions off the block, the wall turns, and pacing strategies.
  • Advanced: The advanced lessons cover levels 6+ of the ASAs framework, which will see pupils develop and refine their skills, including breathing and stroke techniques.

Learn at the Hand of Professionals

We have comprehensive programs in well-equipped academies from teaching through to full competition training or elementary level run by qualified teachers and internationally recognized coaches. Providing indoor and outdoor environments. If you are looking for cheap classes for kids or adults or ladies with best offers, deals, discounts, provides you with the best sports academy near you. Sports academies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide swimming classes for beginner adults. Sports academies also provide a pool for ladies only, they also provide aqua aerobics, water aerobics classes for kids and ladies only.

The Benefits of Learning How to Swim

It is essential that every one of us learn how to swim so we can enjoy being around pools, sea, ocean, lake, or even a bathtub while being comfortable that nothing wrong could happen. The main purpose of taking the classes is to make sure that you are safe wherever you are. When you are sure that your kid knows how to swim you will not have any future worries about them going around water on their own.

It is a sport with low risk and not considered a dangerous one, which means it is not easy for you or your kid to get hurt while practicing. Injuries usually happen when you pressure the body muscles but other than that you will be safe while practicing and learning how to swim.

Learn How to Manage Your Time

A hobby that will make you know how to manage your time and set priorities. Researchers proved that most people who practice swimming are less likely to procrastinate and they always do their tasks on time, it will make you able to train yourself mentally and physically to know what is more important and what is not. Swimmers are always able to manage their time and set priorities.

The Workout That You Need to Stay Fit and Lose Weight

It involves using multiple muscles at one time which is the perfect way to weight loss as it burns calories very fast. Apart from losing weight, when you introduce your kid to the activity at an early age it will give them a healthy lifestyle and can also help prevent permanent diseases and keep your mental health in good condition. Exercises based on water such as helps adults healing from joints pain.

Enjoy your Time and Release the Stress

The classes can be a good way to escape from a stressful life. Aqua aerobics is a really good way to enjoy your time while exercising; you can lose weight, build muscles and enjoy your time all at once.

There are classes in different regions to help you and your kid to travel around UAE freely and find the services everywhere:

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