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Whether it’s you’re new to UAE or just moved cities, you can find various affordable Services in Abu Dhabi who are ready to assist you in any maintenance or support. Storat’s listings offer a wide variety of service and support companies which will aid in both professional and personal demands. Not only will we provide you with listings but we will also give you everything you need to know about the service company or package offer before you make your choice. Storat will help you pick the most suitable option for you, from providing service details and prices, to location of the company.

You can also browse specific services close to you by using our filtering options to map out exactly what you’re searching for. If you want even more information about a specific service company whether its business consultancy or electrical services, Storat offers the ‘contact seller’ section which will redirect you to a page where you can send all your queries straight to them.

Despite the large drop in automotive sales in 2016, the UAE has managed to sustain itself as the second largest automotive market especially in car parts and accessories with demand for new cars on the rise. With cars comprising 80% of the UAE market and its numerous international luxury cars inundating the country, UAE relies heavily on imports in car parts and accessories, guaranteeing the top automotive merchandise and vehicles. Storat provides a wide variety of car maintenance and repair services in Abu Dhabi, so you can get your quick check or fix at the right price.

With Dubai and Abu Dhabi being the hub for many international cultures, the choice in cuisines of the world doesn’t fall short. The expanding food and beverage market has seen a dramatic increase of both local and international catering services, so whether it’s a business event or a special occasion you are sure to find something that appeals to your needs. Check out Storat’s listings for Catering Services in Abu Dhabi to get the perfect food palette for the occasion.

The cleaning industry in UAE has seen an increase in development, as green cleaning trends penetrate the market. With the eco-friendly trend expanding, companies are decreasing the use of toxic chemicals and replacing them with greener products, from how these products are, manufactured, distributed and disposed. As well as eco-friendly products dominating the market, there have been new technological advancements in hi-tech cleaning equipment so cleaning has become even more efficient and effective. For some of the best cleaning companies, check out Storat’s list of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.

The construction industry is a chief component of the country’s economy. While oil prices have hindered the construction industry in the UAE, Abu Dhabi persists and remains buoyant with a boom of new infrastructure and housing projects on the way. With all these large projects in motion, Abu Dhabi is pushing most of the sectors growth through construction. Storat offers a wide variety of construction services in Abu Dhabi.

The UAE has witnessed a 6.6% increase in the consulting market, with sectors including operational improvement, risk and regulation as well as financial consultation dominating the sector. From business to security/safety consultants, there are numerous services in Abu Dhabi ready to assist you on your venture. If you’re looking for professionals providing expert advice Storat offers a wide range of different consulting services in Abu Dhabi

With the increase in institutions, commercial buildings as well as housing projects, Electrical and Flooring services are set for the upcoming years. With over 20,855 projects, there has been a 5% annual increase particularly in the flooring industry due to the increase in building projects as well renovations. Storat offers a variety of flooring services in Abu Dhabi, as well as electrical services in Abu Dhabi from home appliances repair to general electronics.

Due to the increased oil prices in recent years, there have been a lot of mixed messages in the engineering market. However, with the increase in construction and new building projects arising in both the capital and Abu Dhabi, both the engineering and landscaping industries are booming. Check out Storat’s listings if you’re looking into the top landscaping services or engineering services in Abu Dhabi.

With new laws and regulations introduced in the UAE, the finance sector is taking a new curve. From central bank to security regulations it has been a progressing time for the UAE’s finance and legal industry. Whether you’re looking for a loan or accounting audits you are sure to find what you’re looking for in Storat’s listings for finance and legal services in Abu Dhabi

With new jobs on the rise, the demand for manpower has been increasing. While hiring has been flat and static in previous years, recruitment is starting to pick up the pace, especially in hotel/hospitality, finance and accounting as well as telecommunications fields. If you’re looking for work in the capital, there are numerous job and recruitment services in Abu Dhabi

Moving can be a hassle and a stressful experience for some more than others. Whether it’s moving offices or homes locally or even to a different city, the process can be troublesome and exhausting. If you’re shipping items overseas it can be even more problematic. Storat helps you find the best and most reliable shipping and moving services in Abu Dhabi so wherever you’re going, you have a seamless move.

According to recent reports the most popular month for weddings in Abu Dhabi is March with a 5.8% annual increase in marriages. However, with the rising prices of marriage in the UAE, it can be hard time for people looking to tie the knot. Storat offers a variety of different wedding services in Abu Dhabi at affordable prices so you don’t have to break the bank to get hitched