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Khadija mohamed

For Lucky Beauty Center

Love everything about the beauty center. the people, the place and the quality. 10 stars ...
Rowayda Mohamed

For Lucky Beauty Center

مكان رائع...
Badrya Ahmed

For Lucky Beauty Center

Extremely happy with what I got. Would recommend it to friends for sure ...
Sarah Maher

For Lucky Beauty Center

professional people i always deal with them ...
Sally Raa'fat

For Lucky Beauty Center

Loved it...
Sarah Maher

For Lucky Beauty Center

Very good. Keep up the good work...

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A beautiful face and younger looking skin can be a great asset for anyone that can ensure great success in social life. We all love to be admired and respected by others. Our appearance is one of the key aspects of our personalities that other people notice. Therefore we should certainly take good care of our appearance so that it boosts our confidence and helps us to strike a positive impression on others.Beauty Salons, spas and wellness centers in Abu Dhabi Dubai,Sharjah offer a range of wellness programs that can help in taking good care of our skin and appearance. From removing skin imperfections to getting rid of the early signs of aging, these wellness programs can go a long way in improving our appearance and boosting our confidence.

Stress, increasing age and environmental factors can have a detrimental effect on our skin and facial appearance. The surface of the skin gets covered with dead skin cells that look lifeless and lusterless. In such situations, we can certainly benefit a lot from the beauty treatments that are offered by the beauty salons, spas the wellness centers in Abu Dhabi. The professionals at these beauty salons can help in removing acnes, blackheads, skin aging and other types of skin problems that might affect a person.

Here is a look at some of the beauty and skin care procedures offered at the beauty salons, spas and wellness centers in Abu Dhabi.

Facials in Abu Dhabi

A facial can help in regaining the lost glow of the skin by removing dead skin cells and other impurities. The esthetician can use a gentle exfoliation solution imbibed with botanical extracts to lightly cleanse the skin and restore the youthful vibrancy of the skin. The facial can also help in relaxing the tense muscles of the face and making them active once again.

Skin care packages in Abu Dhabi

Skin care packages aim at restoring the lost vibrancy of your skin that can make you look young and energetic once again. There are numerous medically-based treatment programs that can assist in the process of cosmetic skin rejuvenation. Opting for these skin packages can help you to enjoy a renewed glow and vitality as well as fundamental improvement in skin health. Special enzyme and protein rich solutions are used to exfoliate the skin that can help to get rid of dead cells and revive the dull and congested skin. Vitamins, enzymes and proteins are carefully massaged into your neck, face and shoulders to ensure a healthier and vital looking skin. Such procedures can also improve the overall skin tone and tighten the skin surface to ensure a youthful and rested glow.

Massage therapy in Abu Dhabi

Massage in Abu Dhabi is a highly effective and reliable method of relaxing the body and the mind. It is a potent stress management technique that can be used to heal the body and get rid of ailments. Body massage can help the skin to release endorphins within the body, which helps in strengthening immune system, the lymph system and normalizing the blood pressure. Proper body massage helps to alleviate painful sensations in the joints and muscles, improve overall health of the muscles and assist in easing of the stiffened muscles that might occur due to physical, mental and emotional stress. Massaging helps in soothing the emotions, thereby allowing the body to relax and makes it possible to attain complete peace of mind.

Gentlemen’s beauty services in Abu Dhabi

Gone are the days when it was believed that skin care and beauty services are only for women. The leading beauty and wellness centers at Dubai offer a range of programs for men that help to take good care of their skin and overall health. Some of these procedures include infrared body wrap, deep tissue massage therapy with essential oils, sports manicure, deep-cleansing facial, hot oil scalp therapy, deep tissue massage, back facial, basic pedicure and sports manicure. Also available are infrared sauna treatments that assist in the releasing of toxins, nicotine, alcohol, sodium and other heavy metals from the fat tissues. The procedures not only help to improve overall health but also provide a man with naturally glowing skin.

Salon treatments in Abu Dhabi

Specialized salon treatments can provide your skin and hair with the extra glow that you have been looking for. If you hair feels tangled and lusterless, you can opt for a blowout procedure to get back that lost shine. Another effective salon treatment for your hair is hot oil scalp treatment that involves rubbing hot oil in your hair to increase blood circulation. You can also choose from a wide array of conditional treatments that can enhance the texture and feel of your locks. Additionally, hair salons in Dubai offer treatments that include airbrush makeup and sunless spray tanning services, body waxing and laser hair removal services, pedicure and manicure services as well as medical laser treatments like photo genesis, laser genesis, collagen/fillers, Titan and Botox procedures.

Hair treatments in Abu Dhabi

The hair salons in Abu Dhabi offer that are designed to bring back the lost shine and look of the hair and provide it with a great, natural glow. The beauty salons in Dubai only make use of the finest quality and natural products to provide customers with rich and lustrous hair.

Clinical Aromatherapy in Abu Dhabi

Aromatherapy is a highly effective method for treating skins conditions, hormonal disorders and digestive problems as well as a wide range of other health disorders. Aromatherapy makes use of essential oils for treating different kinds of health problems without giving rise to any side effects in the process. The experts of aromatherapy can create customized blends of the essential oils to cater to specific health issues experienced by an individual man or woman. The holistic method of aromatherapy can help to get rid of stress, autoimmune disorders, sports injuries, cluster headaches and migraine headaches, post surgical bruises and scars, arthritis, pains, muscle spasms, emotional stress, acne, aging skin, colds, indigestion, circulation problems, edema, insomnia, lymphedema, shock, mild depression, fatigue, trauma and mental sluggishness.

Anti-aging therapy in Abu Dhabi

Aging can eventually make its presence felt on the texture and glow of our skin. If you feel that your skin is gradually losing on its youthful glow and radiance, you can surely opt for an anti-aging therapy procedure that can help you in getting back your skin’s lost glow. Micro-current facial sculpting, SilkPeel treatment for neck and face, microdermabrasion, Lumixyl Silk Peel Treatment for removal of pigmentation, Oxy-C Facial, laser skin treatment services and photo rejuvenation therapies are some of the methods that can be used for anti-aging therapy.

Detox therapies in Abu Dhabi

The beauty and well centers of Dubai offer a range of Detox therapies that can help in detoxification of wastes so that you can regain your vitality and health. A lymphatic massage and hydrotherapy using aromatic oils are some of the methods used for Detox therapies. Other notable forms of Detox therapies include infrared body wrap, far infrared sauna, manual lymph drainage, salt glow massage and spa aroma detox, all of which helps to remove harmful toxins from the body and providing with assured wellness. Some of the benefits of these detox therapies include weight loss, pain relief for conditions like arthritis, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, backaches and muscle spasms, reduces symptoms of stress and hypertension, improves skin health and helps in boosting blood circulation and reducing blood pressure.

Prenatal spa treatments in Abu Dhabi

Expecting mothers can sign up for the various prenatal spa treatments that are offered in Dubai. These treatments can surely help a pregnant woman to look and feel great during the most exciting months of her life. The spa treatments are designed to help in improving blood circulation and skin firmness. They can also help to remove unwanted toxins from the body and also avoid water buildup. Notable prenatal spa treatments include pregnancy massage, manual lymph drainage and body mask treatment.