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Are you looking to find a shared room for rent in Abu Dhabi?

We understand the diverse needs and preferences of people looking to rent room and have a comfortable life for themselves. Due to this reason, we present our prospective buyers with an array of homes in the different residential locations of Abu Dhabi. For instance, if you are looking to live with your family, you may consider the homes that are available in Al Karamah, Al Mushrif and Al Moroor. These are some of the most family friendly places to live in all of Abu Dhabi and you will find that there is no dearth of accommodation options here.

If you are looking for a room, bed space for rent in Abu Dhabi, that is in a quiet suburban area, then Al Mushrif or Al Rowdah may be the perfect place for you. These areas have some nice shops and eateries that offer an eclectic menu. There are also several international schools which means that you can settle for an apartment here if you are looking to start a family. Alternately, if you are looking to live alone and want a shared room for rent, Al Rowdah can serve as the perfectly friendly neighbourhood for you.

There is availability in many areas across the city and outside the island. Prices can range from AED 500 per month and goes up to AED 3000-4000 for executive rooms. There is also many hotel and furnished apartments that offer long term room for rent in Abu Dhabi.

Storat has the largest selection of studio's and apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi. if you are looking for any kind of apartment or studio in Abu Dhabi in high sought after areas like Al Reef, Reem Island, Al Raha Beach and many other areas. 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Abu Dhabi is the most popular category we found among families and individuals.

More about Abu Dhabi and its properties market

Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates. It is approximately 120 KM away from Dubai, the known and famous commercial hub of UAE and the middle east. Historically Abu Dhabi residential areas were concentrated inside the Island itself were majority of flats, apartments in high rise towers are available for rental. Over the last few years, that concentration shifted with the real estate development boom as more areas were developed like Al Reem Island, Al Reef development, Mussafah residential area, Khalifah city, MBZ city, and many other areas. While those new areas became known for upscale rental, the center of the city continued to serve tenants looking for budget accommodation in the city. As the cost of rental increased dramatically with limited supply of properties as the well as the fact that a lot of blue colour workers can't afford to rent a full place, a grey market developed for renting rooms and bed spaces, mainly in the city. The prices for shared spaces and rooms would range from AED 900 per month and can go up to AED 7000 per month if you are looking for an executive furnished studio in a furnished apartment complex. A lot of new comers and bachelors are optioning to rent rooms, shared spaced, or partition for the following reasons:

Rental Budget: renting a room has a lower initial budget requirement. For renting an apartment or a studio, the initial cost is far beyond the ability of new comers or low budget workers. To rent an apartment or a studio, the tenant must pay the full amount upfront. Some landlords will accept to divide the payment to 2-4 cheques at max. Then the tenant must pay the real estate agency fees, municipality fees, water and electricity connection fees, internet fees. Then the tenant must buy the furniture and the utilities to make the apartment liveable and moving charges. Then the tenant must pay all the running cost of utilities and servicing the apartment of studio. So, the upfront payment to secure an AED 50,000 rental apartment can be up to AED 20,000. Hence the rise of room and shared spaces for rent in the city. Although the law doesn't permit subletting, but the extensive demand arising from the budget constraints is driving the supplier in the market.

Convenience, speed, and less friction to rent: If you are in Abu Dhabi market to rent a room or a shared space, from the time you make the first call to the time you settle down in your place can be few hours to couple of days. Very little paperwork compared to renting a full place.

No longer term commitment: A lot of new comers to Abu Dhabi city don't want to commit yet to renting a apartment or studio for a full year. Renting a room provide the convenience of monthly payment and short notice to leave.