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Whether you have a software company or an advertising firm, you can hire recruitment agencies in UAE to manage your recruitment process. These companies source suitable applicants not only for permanent roles but also for contractual or temporary ones for your organization. From screening the best CVs to fixing interviews and managing all the communication with the candidates, these agencies handle everything.

On the other hand, if you are a job seeker then you can send across your resume to such recruitment service firms. As they get to know about job vacancies in various sectors beforehand, registering with them will open doors of opportunities for you.

Contingency Recruitment Services

Generally, contingency recruitment services are hired to fill up entry-level to mid-level positions in the company. The agency screens the candidates’ resumes and shortlists the most suitable ones to forward them to the client company. When their candidate gets selected by the client company, only then do they receive their payment.

While there are contingent agencies that provide recruitment services in abu dhabi and other Emirates that ask for certain percentage from the first salary of the hired candidate, some of them charge a specific fee to the clients as well.

Executive Recruitment Services

Companies providing executive recruiting services are also known as retained search firms. If your organization has executive-level or senior-level job openings, you can get in touch with these firms in Abu Dhabi or other UAE Emirates.

As executive search firms handle filling up the senior level job vacancies in the organizations, they filter and contact only the most qualified and experienced professionals. Sometimes they also reach out to executives who are not actively seeking a job change, to try and negotiate whether they can get them on-board. Usually, such recruitment providers get paid irrespective of the selection of their candidates.

Temporary or Short Term Recruitment

If you require staff on short-term or temporary basis, there are dedicated temporary recruitment services in abu dhabi and other Emirates. They are also referred to as staffing agencies. They help you fill up the positions on a temporary basis in cases such as sudden illness of an employee, seasonal rise in business, or replacing employees on long-term leave.

In such a scenario, the recruitment agency will become the official employer of the selected candidate during his/her employment term with the client company. However, in many cases noted in UAE, such short-term jobs also turn into permanent ones.

Emiratisation Recruitment

Does your preferences lie in hiring UAE nationals for your organization? There are numerous companies providing office services in Abu Dhabi that help serve this purpose.

The agencies providing Emiratisation recruitmenting services have a large pool of Emirati candidates in their database to suit your requirements. Through their services, it can get easier for you to hire UAE nationals for the junior-most level to the senior-most positions. Moreover, they cover all the sectors ranging from banking and marketing to engineering and customer service.

Specialized Recruitment Services

While there are recruitment companies dealing with all the sectors, some of them also work dedicatedly with a niche sector. For example, there are agencies offering hiring services only in advertising, IT or banking. They help you fill up the temporary as well as permanent vacancies in their specialized sector.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The agency providing recruitment process outsourcing or RPO services act as an internal part of the client company. Once the recruitment agency is on board with the client, they handle and control the entire recruitment. You can get the agencies working for you on hired on contract basis.

Usually, RPO services are opted by organizations for business expansions, hiring staff for a new division, or even for a specific project. In instances where company HR can’t control the massive recruitment needs or there is no dedicated HR department in your firm, RPO service providers can be your saviours.

There are many well-established companies in UAE providing recruiting services. Storat has listed most of them here for your convenience.