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Location : Abudhabi

Trusted Marketplace: Storat Is open only to verified individuals And businesses living in the country. There are three Level of verifications:

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First time entrepreneurs can find it overwhelming to cope up with the business establishment process. That’s because there are many corporate and legal requirements involved at different stages, based on the Emirates’ laws, which the entrepreneurs must comply with. Therefore, it is wise enough to hire professional Pro services in the capital Emirates and the rest of UAE, that can enlighten you throughout the tough path.

The Pro service providers in Abu Dhabi have years of experience and resources that can help expedite the entire process. In addition, they provide multiple services ranging from visa and immigration to document clearance and licensing. Having such professionals on-board can make the otherwise complicated company formation process a total hassle-free experience.

Has the lengthy document procedure for company formation bogged you down as well? Get in touch with your nearest Pro service provider in Abu Dhabi through Storat.

Benefits of Pro services

When you decide to hire the Pro service firms, it can give you a number of benefits. One of the best advantages is that you can save a lot of your time and money by outsourcing the Pro tasks which will then allow you to focus on your core business functions. As the Pro service providers are experienced professionals, they can efficiently handle all the confusing paperwork requirements in minimum turnaround time.

That’s because they are thoroughly familiar with the UAE laws and have adequate connections to promptly get the work done. You won’t have to worry about any submission deadlines as well; your Pro service providers will sort them out for you.

Visa and immigration services

When you associate with Pro service providers, they can speed up the visa, passport and immigration clearance of your employees. The Pro companies provide assistance in getting family, partner or investor visa processing and sponsorships. They also render visa renewals and cancellation services.

Registrations and licensing services

Activities related to registrations can get confusing and time-consuming. But with professional Pro service providers on board, the process will be smooth as ever. The Pro service providers take care of all the patents, copyrights, licenses, certificates and business registrations required from the government and other authorities. They handle all the legal documentation and processes as well.

Renewal services

It is essential that your important licenses and documents are valid and in place. Some of them require periodic renewals too. For that, you can contact your Pro service provider in Abu Dhabi who would make such renewal procedure completely hassle-free.

Bank account opening services

When you start a new business, you need to open a separate corporate banking account to better handle business finances. Obtaining a new business bank account involves several document clearance tasks, which a Pro service company can easily manage for you.

Company liquidation services

Just like setting up a business, closing or liquidating a business is also a complex task. The liquidation procedure involves multiple tasks such as aborting your licenses, closing all your business accounts and sorting the final paperwork. An expert PRO service provider can assist you in all such cumbersome processes efficiently.

Apart from the PRO services, you can also look for car maintenance and repairs in Abu Dhabi, catering services in Abu Dhabi, and cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.