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miriam samir

For Corpofino Spa and Slimming lounge

Rowayda Mohamed

For Corpofino Spa and Slimming lounge

المكان كتير نظيف ...
Jomana Hamed

For Corpofino Spa and Slimming lounge

Very relaxing!...
Sue Carter

For Corpofino Spa and Slimming lounge

That was the best place to go...
Ranem Wali

For O&O Beauty

Very professional ...
Linda Tirner

For Corpofino Spa and Slimming lounge


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In each service page, there will be a buy or booking button. So you can book an appointment or buy a discount offer that you can redeem with the service provider. For home services categories, you can instantly book using instant booking form or request a quotation for the service.

What payment method I can use?

You can pay by Cash on Delivery or Credit Card. Also there are some offers with AED 0 value, eg. free consultation. The payment process is simple and straight forward. Select your desired service or offer and click 'Book Now' option enter the login details (If you are visiting storat for the first time. Sign-up first) and select a payment method. You can opt for the cash on delivery option and pay later.

Can I cancel a service or appointment? Will I get a refund?

All the appointments and services booked on are cancellable and 100% refundable before the delivery of the service. If the payment method is cash on delivery or credit card on delivery, then no worries, you didn't pay anything yet and you will not be charged. If you prepaid with credit card, we will refund you if you cancel the service. Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.

I have a custom requirement for a service how to get a quote for that?

If you have a custom requirement for a service please send an email to also, you can chat with us via 'live chat'

How to contact Storat if I face an issue or cancel an order?

You can contact us via 'live chat', send us an email at

What if I am not happy with the service or have a dispute? is not responsible for the quality of the service provided by the merchants and service providers. However, we will do our best to assist. In case of a dispute, please write to us at

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Are you looking for Massage in Abu Dhabi? is the place to find the best local services providers selling amazing services and products at discounted prices. More than 1918 offers and deals are listed on Storat Abu Dhabi.

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Great Services

Only top rate service providers & Merchants for Massage in Abu Dhabi.
Great Service

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More than 1918 services and products to choose from in Abu Dhabi and other locations in UAE.
Great Service

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Pay by Cash on Delivery or Credit Card. Fexible payments with maintaining the best prices in Abu Dhabi.

Massage Packages in Abu Dhabi

While battling with the increasing troubles in maintaining a work-life balance, you need to take care of your physical health as well as the calmness of soul. What better solution to achieve both than a great massage in Abu Dhabi? It tackles the tension of the muscles along with the tenseness and cluster of the thoughts. The result of it is a refreshed mind and body, ready to deal with the hassle of life.       

An Expert Treatment at your Convenience

We at Storat bring to you the best spas and salons in Abu Dhabi that provides the one-stop cure to the mind and body from the hustle of life. At Storat you can find the best massage packages in Abu Dhabi that enables you to deal with the day to day life more comfortably. We make sure that the service providers are skilled and professionally trained to smoothen out the tension that builds up over a period of time.                                                

Custom Spa Packages & Offers in Abu Dhabi

The Spa and Massage packages available on Storat are customizable and personalized that means it caters to your personal needs in the best possible manner. Depending upon your lifestyle and habits you might need different types of massages that relax your mind and body and our purpose is to make you ready to face the world again with an energized and simulated soul and body.                                                     

Find the best Spa centers in Abu Dhabi

Storat helps you in finding the best in class spa and massage centers in Abu Dhabi that look after your individual needs and plans accordingly in order to ensure you gain the most through it and also provides the best available deals.                                                

Do you have a wedding around the corner and need to find the best spas in Abu Dhabi? Do you feel your wife needs to relax, and are looking for the ideal ladies day spa to send her to? If yes, you just have to hop down to Abu Dhabi or Dubai to experience the services from some of the best spas in the world.

You find so many luxurious spas andresorts in Abu Dhabi in various shapes and sizes most with international acclaim. There are also affordably priced ladies and men spas for those with a budget constraint. You can cut costs, and spend more time together by pampering yourselves at one of the many couple spas in UAE.

Find the Best Spa in Abu Dhabi

From hair spa treatments to holiday packages that entail a full combination of body massage, foot spa and hair spa sessions, a good spa can do it all for you.

If you are searching for the best spa in Abu Dhabi for your next spa session to rejuvenate your body and relieve stress, look no more. Storat is a one-stop solution website that provides a list of the best spa in Abu Dhabi under just some simple clicks.   

You can find the best beauty salons, top dermatologists, best dental clinics, reliable cosmetic dentist, best health and fitness centers using Storat.

Likewise, it lists down all the best spa in Abu Dhabi and provides a basic mini guide to all of them. They include a description of the services of the spa salon, videos of the spas, customer reviews, star ratings, pricing and even provide some amazing discount vouchers.

Based on your preference and location, it can offer you the best spa salon in Abu Dhabi which offer customer satisfaction and render a premium spa experience to customers.  

If you want to find the best spa in Abu Dhabi using Storat, you can do it a few easy steps, all you have to do is:

  • Type in your query in the search box “hair spa” or “foot spa” and select “Location” as ‘Abu Dhabi’.
  • Once you hit enter, you will get a list of the top spa salons in Abu Dhabi.
  • In order to sort and filter the results, you can do it on the basis of ‘price’ and the ‘date’ on which the ad has been posted.
  • If you want to know the best spa ratings, all you need to look out for is the star-based rating which is an accumulation of the ratings given by the customers.
  • Storat also offers multiple discount vouchers to its customers which are a great saver deal.

Best Men Spa in Abu Dhabi

Men’s styling and grooming now include a lot more than just haircuts. The recent trend which focuses more on beard styling has amped up the whole game for men. Also, taking spas is another key part of the men’s grooming, if you are looking for the best men’s spa in Abu Dhabi with some amazing spa deals, head on to Storat.

Best Ladies Spa in Abu Dhabi

Whether you are going out for a mini brunch party with your girlfriends or getting ready for a colleague’s wedding, you have to look your best. Look out for the best ladies spa near me and you should get a list of spa in Abu Dhabi that offer the best services.

Best spa in Abu Dhabi for couples

Couple goals are getting a relaxing body spa together, but what if you could do that at a super affordable price? Before choosing your next couple spa session, look for the best Abu Dhabi spa packages for couples and avail huge discounts on your services.

If you are someone who visits spa salons frequently, you should consider registering yourself for spa memberships to avail offers and get discounted prices for the services.

Types of Spa in Abu Dhabi

Spa sessions are relaxing, soothing and stress relieving. While some people opt for a hair spa to get luscious hair, others go for a foot spa to relax their nerves and groom their pretty feet. The most famous types of spa in Abu Dhabi are:

  1. Fish spa in Abu Dhabi

Fish spa helps in blood circulation, improves the complexion and texture of the skin. As much as the fish spa is used to glam up the feet, it also helps in treating skin problems like psoriasis, warts and calluses.

  1. Foot spa in Abu Dhabi

Foot spa has a lot of benefits, it helps prevent foot injuries, improves circulation, helps treat depression, anxiety and also lowers blood pressure. A foot spa in Abu Dhabi entails a soothing foot massage, nail grooming, nail reshaping and even nail art work.

  1. Best day spa Abu Dhabi

There are a number of day spas in Abu Dhabi which provide amazing spa sessions to customers. They involve a variety of services like foot spa, body spa, head spa and much more. To know more about the best day spa in Abu Dhabi, head on to Storat.

Find the Best Deals and Offers for Best Spa in Abu Dhabi

If you splurge on spa sessions, then here’s an easy and affordable alternative to all your spa- needs.

Discover the range of luxury spa deals in Abu Dhabi at affordable costs with maximum value for money. All the offers have been specially curated to meet your requirements to bring you the best spa services at the most reasonable costs.

You can save up to 60% off on your next massage session and avail a bonus session too!

In order to avail a discount voucher, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the ad/listing.
  • Select the service that you are looking for like ‘Best Spa Deals’.
  • Check the price and the discount offer associated with it. For example, it is AED 120 with 52% discount from Storat.
  • Click on Buy Now Button or Pay Later with Cash on Delivery.
  • Once you have made the purchase, you can redeem your discount coupon whenever you visit the dental clinic for your treatment.

If you face any issues while buying or using the discount voucher, you can reach out to us at and we will be happy to you.

Find the Best Luxury Spa in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is filled with luxury spas, and Storat helps you filter and choose from 3-star spas to 5-star spas. You can easily sort the best luxury spas in Abu Dhabi using the website’s rating system and customer reviews. Also, avail the best offers on luxury spas this season by using “coupons for spa”.

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