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LASIK Eye Surgery in Abu Dhabi

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Lasik Eye Surgery in Abu Dhabi

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LASIK in Abu Dhabi

Enjoy the freedom of better vision with personalized LASIK eye surgery in Abu Dhabi. Are you considering LASIK eye surgery? Using Storat, you can find the best laser eye clinics in Abu Dhabi. You can find out more about the clinic, surgeons and the procedure in detail on Storat. The surgeons who are listed with us are experienced and expert in their respective fields.                       

Enjoy Freedom from Glasses and Contact Lenses

Laser eye surgery is an innovative process to correct eyesight problems such as short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism etc., so you can see more clearly without the need for glasses or contact lenses. LASIK eye surgeries in Abu Dhabi work by using the latest laser technologies to reshape the cornea of the eye, improving your ability to focus.                                                

Find the Best Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Storat has LASIK clinics in Abu Dhabi which offer the full range of vision correction solutions. Surgeons also do provide a consultation and they will assess your needs and select precisely the right laser treatment for you. Experts in LASIK and Femto SMILE eye surgery will guide you on the best option as per your medical needs.


Lasik Eye Centers in Abu Dhabi - Trust & Value

A medical center that offers LASIK eye surgery in should not only have the best medical equipment but it should also have a team of experienced eye specialists and surgeons who are capable of handling complex eye problems and diagnose them most accurately. The efficiency of the LASIK surgery in Abu Dhabi will depend much on the precision and accuracy of the diagnosis and so the doctors should leave no stone unturned when they are looking to manage the eye problems that affect their patients.                                                

Laser and LASIK eye surgery in Abu Dhabi will help in correcting your eye vision, so they no longer need glasses or contact lenses. LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses) - is one of the most common eye surgery treatment widely used to correct near-sightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism. LASIK treatment involves the remolding of the cornea which allows light to pass through the cornea correctly and reach the retina of the eye. Many patients who have LASIK end up with 20/20 vision. Only specialist eye doctors can tell if you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery. 

Benefits of LASIK Surgery in Abu Dhabi

LASIK is preferred over other methods due to the following benefits:

  • Proven correction of vision in about 90% of the patients
  • Immediate Vision correction
  • Less Painful
  • No adhesive dressings required (no stitches or bandages)
  • Reduction of your dependence on eyeglasses and contact lenses. Most patients no longer require assistive devices after LASIK

What to do Before LASIK Surgery in Abu Dhabi

To know if you're eligible for a LASIK procedure, you'll first need to book an appointment with the clinic to do the necessary checkups, then you'll need to do a consultation with the Doctor to judge if you're eligible for the treatment. Abu Dhabi LASIK Centers offer the LASIK screening and consultations. To prepare yourself well before going for this eye surgery. Here are a few tips you can follow:

  1. Avoid wearing contact lenses and bring back your glasses into use. 
  2. Wear glasses at least a few weeks before the procedure.
  3. Do not apply any makeup on your eye a day before and a day after the surgery.
  4. Maintain good hygiene of the eyelashes to reduce infection

Your LASIK eye surgeon will consider your medical history and conduct a detailed eye examination. The eye examination involves measurement of the cornea, noting down the shape and irregularities. Such considerations help the surgeon to understand the exact regions which need reshaping. 

How is LASIK Surgery done?

LASIK Treatment can last up to a maximum of 30 minutes of surgery. The process involves the following steps:

  • Instillation of eye drops to numb the eyes
  • A special instrument keeps the eye open and you have to focus on a source of light to keep the eyes open
  • Cutting laser is used to cut a thin flap in the cornea
  • The flap is peeled back, and the cornea is remolded
  • After reshaping the cornea, the flap is placed back
  • The cornea heals without stitches.

Many LASIK centers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi offer amazing after-surgery care by providing you with a 1-year follow-up with the doctor along with sunglasses and eye-drops

After LASIK Surgery

The surgery might cause irritation or dryness. Put the prescribed eye drops to keep your eyes moist to prevent pain and infection. Your doctor may advise you to use a patch over your eyes at night until they heal.

You will need to follow up with your eye doctor in one or two days and keep regular follow up appointments periodically during the first six months. During your recovery period, you will have to avoid strenuous activities, contact sports, and swimming for a few weeks.

Cataract Eye Surgery in Abu Dhabi

Cataract eye surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed across Abu Dhabi. With approximately 98% of patients experiencing improved vision if there are no other eye conditions present. Ophthalmologists in Abu Dhabi offer a comprehensive range of ophthalmic services that include cataract surgery, corneal transplants, Vision Correction procedures with state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality of patient care.

LASIK treatment has a high rate of success, thus being the most popular eye surgery. Most patients benefit with improved vision and have got rid of their glasses and contact lenses. The results may vary from patient to patient and your result will depend on your specific situation and overall health.

Tired of wearing the prescribed contact lenses or eyeglasses? You should consider undergoing a LASIK eye surgery in Abu Dhabi. Laser eye surgery is the perfect solution for all kinds of vision problems such as farsightedness, short sightedness or astigmatism. Depending upon the severity of your vision issues, the treatment will either completely eliminate or greatly reduce your dependence on the eyeglasses and lenses.  As there are different types of laser eye treatments offered by hospitals, clinics and medical centers in Abu Dhabi, it is necessary to consult an expert before undergoing any treatment. That is where Storat helps you because you can easily find your nearest eye clinics and a number of lasik eye surgery deals with the click of a button. Check also lasik surgery in Dubai.

Laser eye surgeries can successfully put an end to your vision in-correction issues. They are also called refractive eye surgeries or vision correction surgeries. In fact, since the approval of lasik and laser eye treatments in mid-1990s, they have become widely popular across the world.The laser eye treatment involves using laser lights that reshape the cornea and correct your vision. In fact, lasik eye surgery is almost pain free with just a little discomfort. The recovery time is quick as well, however that depends upon the type of your laser treatment. As the eye centers offer different types of laser treatments, knowing a little about them before heading for a consultation with your ophthalmologist could be of great help.


LASIK is one of the most widely opted refractive eye surgeries. It has successfully helped thousands of people suffering from short sightedness and long sightedness. This type of laser eye treatment uses Excimer, Femtosecond, Ultra lasik and Intre lasik. The Femtosecond laser is used for creating a thin corneal flap which allows the doctor to reshape the permanent tissue of the cornea using the Excimer laser. After the reshaping is done, the flap is positioned back into its original place. The treatment can be carried out on both eyes in single day and one can resume work within a day or two.


PRK, or Photo refractive Keratectomy, is the first laser procedure for treating vision problems. PRK can correct short sightedness, farsightedness as well as astigmatism. Like LASIK, PRK also uses Excimer laser. PRK treatment doesn’t require corneal flap to be created, instead it involves removal of the epithelium - the outer cornea layer. An Excimer laser is then used to reshape the corneal tissue. After the treatment, soft contact lens is put up for cornea protection. After a few days of the surgery, epithelium grows back naturally. The recovery time for PRK is around four to five days after which the protective lense will be removed by your doctor.


LASEK or laser epithelial keratomileusis is considered as a variation of PRK. It also uses the Excimer laser for the treatment of astigmatism, long and short sightedness. LASEK is a combination of both PRK and LASIK treatment methods. During the LASEK treatment, doctor keeps the epithelium - the outer cornea layer as the flap, like LASIK, while reshaping the cornea with the laser. After the laser reshaping is done, epithelium is positioned back into its place instead of a PRK-like complete removal. Protective lenses are then put up on it to aid the healing process.

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