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Location : Abudhabi

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Like Abu Dhabi too enjoys a popular status among job seekers. The capital Emirate not only offers great work opportunities but also a diversified cultural environment to live in. Tax free living is probably one of the many reasons that makes people compete for open job vacancies in UAE.

Storat has listed various job vacancies in Abu Dhabi for freshers, interns as well as experienced professionals such as human resources jobs in Abu Dhabi and sales jobs in Abu Dhabi. Browse through them and apply to the most suitable opening based on your qualifications with just a simple a click.

Banking and investment

Apart from greater demands for accountancy jobs in Abu Dhabi, banking and investment sector is also gaining popularity. The simple reason being it offers tremendous career growth and handsome pay package. One can climb up the ladder from being an analyst to associate and director with persistence.

Abu Dhabi banks and financial firms have regular requirements for banking and investment professionals who can fit in the roles of investment advisors, investment banking associates, financial controllers and financial analysts among others.

Health, beauty and fitness

Beauty, health and fitness is an ever expanding sector in the Emirates. As people have become well aware of their fitness and appearance, the demand for expert professionals in this sector has significantly increased. Such growing demands have created equal opportunities for both males and females in UAE.

From personal fitness trainers and group instructors to certified beauticians and hairdressers, there are plenty of jobs available Other jobs in this field include perfume specialists, gymnastics instructors, sports trainers and makeup artists. Moreover, health and beauty sector is probably one of the few sectors that manages to stay recession-proof all year round. So if you hold interests in this field, take advantage of the ample choices around you.

Hospitality and catering

Hospitality and catering is emerging as an exciting career option in UAE. One can get into customer service job profile such as front-desk executive or be a part of back-office support staff. There are plenty of opportunities for chefs and bartenders as well. Apart from that, one can also get a clerical or managerial job in the hotel industry.

The luxurious lifestyle of the capital Emirate includes many restaurants, hotels and bars. Thus there are always opportunities for you to land an entry level or specialist job role in one of those plush Abu Dhabi and UAE hotels.


Manufacturing industry is spread across many sectors like automobile, food, textiles, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, the demand for manpower almost never decreases. Manufacturing employees are engaged in developing goods or services in factories, mills or plants with various machinery and equipments.

Manufacturing jobs in Abu Dhabi offer different kinds of job roles such as procurement head, production manager, quality control executive, aircraft mechanic, design engineer, manufacturing engineer and material handler and many more. The salary package is also attractive.

Computing and IT

Jobs related to computer and IT industry is one of the preferred choices of today’s youth as it offers a wide range of career opportunities - be it software or hardware. Abu Dhabi is no different in following this trend, thus there are many IT jobs available in the UAE capital. Furthermore, computing and IT industry allows you ample career growth and amazing salary package.

From web and software development to mobile application development, the IT industry offers many career options. In addition, there are networking and database related jobs as well. Cloud computing too has opened new career options in IT.

With so many opportunities, it is possible for you to make a successful career in Abu Dhabi.