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Doctors in Abu Dhabi work in both public and private hospitals and also have their own clinics. Endocrinologists, orthopaedics, and cosmetic surgeons are in a high demand in Abu Dhabi because majority of the population is suffering from endocrine imbalances and joint disorders. With its intense all around medical care, UAE has a low infant death rate of only 7.7 deaths per 1000 live births.

General practitioners

Are you looking forward a routine checkup or not feeling well for the past couple days? Then you must definitely see a general practitioner. They handle all kinds of diseases, disorders, and illnesses and will suggest you to a specialist only if it is very severe. General practitioners form the base of medical and health protocol of every country.

Abu Dhabi is known for its strong network of general practitioners. They treat everyone from infants to older adults and of all genders. If you think anything is wrong with your health, your first step should be visiting a general practitioner.

Cardiologists and neurologists

Unfortunately, the number of heart disease cases are higher in UAE than the entire of Europe. A cardiologist in Abu Dhabi deals in disorders related to the heart, blood vessels, and other parts of the circulatory system. Common lifestyle-related heart disorders are shortness of breath, chest pain, plaque formation in arteries, and heart failure. If you feel any slight shortness of breath than usual or if you are getting tired easily, it is time to visit a cardiologist.

A neurologist in Abu Dhabi on the other hand handles disorders related to the nervous system that can either be genetic or accidental. Some neurologists also looks after musculoskeletal disorders. Neurosurgeons provide unparalleled services in the field of neurology and have also done path-breaking research.

Dentists and orthopaedics

Whether it is about getting a cavity filled, taking out your wisdom tooth, or getting a new set of dentures, Abu Dhabi’s dentists in Abu Dhabi will help you go through the process with great easier. Dental hygiene is very important since you eat using your mouth. If your dental cavity isn’t healthy, you will suffer from recurrent infections.

According to a 2016 report, 20 percent of UAE’s population suffers from arthritis. Many people progress onto the incurable disease because they ignore it in its initial stages. It is very important to notice the small things including joint pain, ankle pain, and shortness of breath. An orthopaedic doctor also fix broken bones, takes care of growth abnormalities, dislocations, and ligament and tendon injuries.


Gynecologists in Abu Dhabi look after the female reproductive system and breasts. A woman’s health directly depends on the health of her reproductive system and therefore, routine checkups every six months are a must. As of 2014, 40 percent of Arab women suffer from different levels of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Out of them, at least 80 percent show insulin resistance. This leads of infertility, diabetes, and obesity. Now is the right time to stop all that. Visit a gynecologist today, run some tests, and be on the safer side. If you get diagnosed with the syndrome, it is not a big deal if you work on it and undergo weight loss to control its consequences.


To maximize your child’s health and make sure that they are reaching all developmental milestones, as a parent you should visit a pediatrician for regular checks. Pediatricians also give vaccinations, diagnoses and treats illnesses among children, and any special care in terms of NICU.

After your baby is born, take him or her for their first pediatrician appointment after 48 or 72 hours from birth. Install healthy practices from the beginning, so that your child grows optimally over the years.

Abu Dhabi has a strong network of hospitals and clinics. They use highly advanced equipment and technology and any patient is safe in their hands. If you have concern regarding your or your family’s health, visit a doctor today.