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In instances where immediate medical attention is required such as accidents or sudden unfortunate illness, your health insurance policy can be your savior. Some health insurance also covers expenses of medical check-ups, first consultation, tests, hospital fees and surgeries. It can help put you in a better position to deal with sudden financial requirements.

There are different types of insurance plans available in the Emirates which depend on your requirements. You can browse through of Storat to know about the best insurance providers and get the best possible quote from here.

Individual Medical Insurance

Individual health insurance not only covers your regular medical check ups but also insures you for unexpected medical treatments. The expenses on medicines and tests are also usually covered by most insurance companies. You can customize your medical policy so you can also include maternity and dental treatments under the coverage, if needed.

If you thought that buying such health insurance would cost you too much then you don’t need to worry as there are many affordable insurance providers in Dubai and rest of the Emirates as well.

Family Medical Insurance

There is no better security than a good health insurance for your family members. UAE insurance companies offer family health insurance to make you better prepared for the future. It provides all the set of benefits similar to an individual health insurance policy. Most of the insurance companies in Emirates offer family insurance policy with customized add-ons. This type of insurance stops you from worrying about your financials even in case of a chronic illnesses or emergency cases as most of your concerns can be covered under the policy terms.

Group Medical Insurance

Insurance companies in UAE provide group health insurance through which a company can insure its employees. The benefits of this insurance vary with different insurance providers. However the most basic benefits like medical expenses and costs for emergency treatment remain intact.

Some of the companies also insure the dependents of their employees. These kind of policies can also be customized for addition of specific terms and coverage. From dental treatments to vaccinations and maternity, everything can be covered. Group medical insurance in Abu Dhabi also acts as a perk while job hunting.

Expat Medical Insurance

Expats are not an exception when it comes to having a mandatory medical insurance in UAE. When you want to shift bases to the Emirates, you are required to have at least a minimum level of the health policy. Most of the employers offer health insurance to their employees, nationals and expats alike, but you can also opt for the government health insurance policy individually. From a wide array of health policies, you can choose the best one suitable to you.

As an expat, you also might need to get a medical cover for your family and it will not empty your bank accounts in Abu Dhabi. There are cheaper medical policies with great benefits as well.

Apart from health insurance, insurance companies provide a variety of insurance policies like home insurance, life insurance and car insurance.