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You can think of life insurance as a financial protection for you and your family against future unfortunate events. Even if you are financially stable right now, you can’t control the future. There can be unplanned circumstances like dealing with an accident, critical illness, disabilities or worst sudden death. It acts as a savior in such cases and it can take care of your and your family’s financial needs even in your absence.

Finding the right insurance provider in the Emirates that can offer you the most suitable policy is possible through Storat. UAE insurance companies offer different types of life covers. You will find all types of insurances offered by various insurers around your area so that you can select the best one from them.

Term Life Insurance

These type of policies are only for specific period of time. The term begins from one year to several years depending upon the scheme you choose. You need to pay a certain amount every year as a premium for the duration of the policy. If you stop paying premium in between, you don’t get the coverage. After the term ends, you can either choose to stop paying for it altogether or renew it, which again depends on the policy.

However, in the unfortunate case of your death, your family will be entitled to the compensation only during the term insurance period, not otherwise. Get in touch with some of the best life insurance in UAE

Whole Life Insurance

While most of the term insurance plans provide you cover for maximum of 70-80 years, but the whole life insurance in UAE can cover you for your entire life. Apart from the whole life cover and death benefits to family members, you are also eligible for cash value benefits on such policy included investments.

One of the main plus points of having this policy is that it provides you coverage on critical illnesses for up to 95 to 100 years of age. Also, in case you decide against having a life cover after a certain age, then you can surrender your whole life policy and take back the accumulated cash value.

Universal Life Insurance

With universal life insurance, you will be able to customize your policy plan, which means you can have add-ons like accident cover, illness cover, death benefit, or even benefits related to taxes. Many insurance companies provide the benefit of premium flexibility or even let you customize this policy as a savings or investment option.

Endowment Life Insurance

With an endowment policy, you can take insurance in Abu Dhabi for a certain period of time - 10, 15, 20 years. If the insured person dies within the policy term, then the full amount is given to their family. In case the insured person is alive when the policy matures, then the person is entitled to receive an agreed lump sum amount.

There are also other types of insurances available in Abu Dhabi which include medical insurance, home insurance and car insurance.