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Getting a car insurance in Abu Dhabi and rest of UAE is mandatory. Without an insurance you won’t be able to register your vehicle. The rule is applicable even when you purchase an old car. There are plenty of insurance companies providing affordable insurance with more benefits. In case you are finding it hard to look for the best type of auto insurance you can just check this list on Storat which features topmost insurance companies based in and around your locality.

Based on your requirements, you can choose from the different types of auto insurances available in Abu Dhabi.

Third Party Liability Car Insurance

As UAE law mandates you to buy auto insurance along with your car in the first place, the third party liability insurance policy is the most basic one you can buy. This type of insurance does not cover any damage to your own vehicle but covers damages and bodily injuries to a third party which is caused by your vehicle. However, any damage caused by fire or even theft is not covered under this insurance.

Fire and Theft with Third Party Insurance

Third party liability insurance with fire and theft cover provides you protection from any kind of loss or damage caused by theft or fire besides the basic third party insurance claims. If you want to get it added to your policy, you can ask your nearest insurance provider for the same. The listings at Storat will help you shortlist one of the best insurance companies in UAE.

Basic Comprehensive Car Insurance

When you buy your own car, you want to protect it from all kinds of potential damages which is why you get it insured. Basic comprehensive type of auto insurance policy lets you cover the losses and damages of your own vehicle as well as the third party’s in cases of accidents, lightning, theft, fire damages and many more of such events. You can be charged at maximum of 5% of your car value for a basic comprehensive car policy.

If you are looking for such car insurance in UAE , you will come across plenty of them through Storat.

Comprehensive Policy with Benefits

It is a basic comprehensive insurance letting you add some extra options to it. You will need to pay more for such additional benefits but that is definitely worth it. Getting the car repaired from the dealer or a free insurance when you are in GCC countries are examples of such add-ons you can choose to add to your existing basic comprehensive car policy.

Premium Comprehensive Car Insurance

If you own a luxury car then you should opt for premium comprehensive insurance. However, insurance companies does not provide this policy to everybody. They have their own selection criterias for it. But if you are eligible, this will be a perfect insurance for you as it will cover most kinds of damages - third party and your vehicle damage as well. As this policy protects against most of the causes of damage, it is indeed the most expensive one too.