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Cosmetic dentistry targets stained, broken and uneven teeth, with new technology and tools, reshaping, restructuring and recoloring teeth has become easier than ever. Cities all across the UAE are filled with first-class clinics comprising of the top professionals in dental care. Whether you’re looking to get a touch up on your pearly whites or looking into the treatments, there are a variety of different cosmetic dentistry centers and clinics in Abu Dhabi, available to assist you in getting that perfect beam!

As the saying goes “everywhere you go, take a smile with you”

Before the popularity of cosmetic dentistry, the whole concept of booking a visit to your dentist was a terrifying ordeal. The infamous drilling and filling procedures were not received well by the general public, not to mention the burning hole in your wallet after your appointment. However, the cosmetic dentistry craze has been receiving increased popularity and attention recently with the fascination of achieving the Hollywood smile.

In recent years, the UAE has seen a dramatic rise in demand for many cosmetic dentistry treatments, with teeth bleaching and veneers being among the highest. With this increased demand, cosmetic dentistry centers and clinics are popping around every corner in cities such as Abu Dhabi and rest of the UAE.

While dental procedures were a ghastly and equally horrifying concept in the past, cosmetic dentistry has managed to turn around the negative notion and is now receiving popular attention and praise as more and more celebrities, models and influencers are endorsing dental treatments. As cosmetic dentistry has evolved in the beauty industry, in many western countries having a perfect set of bright pearly whites has become as essential as makeup and hair products. With the social influences of today’s world, the concept of yellow, crooked or broken teeth is becoming more and more frowned upon, leaving quite a crowd in dental clinics and centers. With UAE being a central hub and notoriously known for keeping up with trends, it comes as no surprise that major cities are flocking with dental centers and some of the top professionals from all over the world.

Cosmetic dentistry is all about beautifying your teeth leaving them full, aligned and bright, so it comes as no surprise that white fillings, veneers, crowns and caps are popular and sometimes necessary treatments. Tooth decay can be a gruesome ordeal especially when left too long, and can cost you losing a part of your tooth and sometimes even the whole tooth. Cosmetic surgery in Abu Dhabi, offers white fillings to fill in missing areas which may have been removed from tooth decay. Professionals also offer crowns and caps to keep these fillings in place, while providing additional strength for your tooth. Veneers are also a popular choice, as these small thin pieces porcelain give your teeth back its natural brightness while filling in gaps, giving you a stunning, full finish to your set of pearly whites. There are numerous clinics that offer cosmetic dentistry in Abu Dhabi which provide treatments such as fillings and veneers.

One of the most popular and highly requested treatments in cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Soda, tea, wine, cigarette smoking and coffee are a few of many dark colored substances that can stain teeth leaving them yellower and duller. Not only do consumed substances cause discoloration in teeth but also aging and genetics can play a role in the pigment of teeth. Teeth whitening is the process of removing these discolorations and stains, leaving teeth white and gleaming. While teeth whitening procedures are relatively simple, they should be taken with caution and not undergone prior to a dental checkup. This is due to the fact that certain dental issues and problems such as receding gums, tooth decay and cavities make teeth whitening an avoidable procedure until all dental issues have been resolved. If teeth whitening is a procedure you’re looking into, there are a variety of cosmetic dentistry clinics in Abu Dhabi that have the right professionals to get that smile white again!

Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking into treatments and procedures the capital has to offer, you can find a variety of cosmetic dentistry centers and clinics in Abu Dhabi. Storat’s listings offer many available centers and their packages based on what kind of procedure/treatments you’re looking into. Not only will we provide you with listings but we will also give you everything you need to know about the clinic, medical center or package offer before you make your choice. Storat will help you pick the most suitable option for you, from providing package details and prices, to location of clinic/center.

You can also browse specific cosmetic dentistry clinics close to you by using our filtering options to map out exactly what you’re searching for. There is a wide range of the finest cosmetic dentistry clinics located in Abu Dhabi, including in Al Bateen, Al Moroor, and Al Khalidiyah districts. Whether it is as simple as a checkup visit to explore the options with your dentist, to veneers or you’re looking to whiten that smile, you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. All that’s left is to contact the center and book an appointment. Once you have scheduled an appointment with the clinic/center, you’re well on your way to getting back your perfect smile.

If you want even more information about a specific center or want to know about dental alternative packages they may have, Storat offers the ‘contact’ section which will redirect you to a page where you can send all your queries straight to them.