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Are you decorating your new home? Have you decided to redesign your home decor? The first thing that would come to your mind when redoing the interior of your home would be furniture. And customized furniture can help you make your home look even more amazing. There are many stores in Abu Dhabi that offer customized furniture. So whether you are looking for customized wardrobes, bed set, Italian kitchen or wooden doors; everything can be custom made according to your choice.

With just a simple click on Storat, entire listing of the topmost stores providing custom furniture in UAE will be at your disposal.

Custom Kitchen Furniture

Designing your dream kitchen is now possible. Whether it is stylish kitchen cabinets, bar stools, a well designed chimney or other kitchen accessories; there are companies that can custom make it for you. There are some amazing modular kitchens in UAE furniture stores. The expert staff of the store is always there to guide you at every step. They clear all your doubts regarding that perfect size and accurate measurements of the kitchen furniture.

Custom Office Furniture

As each office is unique so should be its furniture. A tastefully customized office furniture will give a distinct feel to your office. The best thing is, there are exclusive stores which only design office furniture in Abu Dhabi. You will be able to get custom designed conference tables and meeting room furniture, comfortable workstations and chairs, reception desk, executive desk and chairs, well structured storage units, or custom sofas for waiting rooms completely based on your choice. Moreover, you can even get some really cool furniture for office leisure area and canteen.

All you need to do is contact the nearest furniture store in your area through Storat.

Custom Wardrobes

You can get custom wardrobes made exactly as per your choice in the Emirates. When it comes to wardrobe, every person has different requirements so choosing the stereotypical design does not make sense all the time. You can choose to custom make from a variety of options that suits your bedroom interiors - from sliding door wardrobes to the fitted ones, from walk in wardrobes to the traditional ones, everything is available. If you are looking for something different, there are spacious open door wardrobes as well.

Custom Wooden Doors

Yes, you can even opt for customized wooden doors. The furniture stores in Abu Dhabi offer custom made doors after understanding your requirements and vision thoroughly. You will be able to get an elegant design complimenting your home furniture in the form of such wooden doors.

Custom Beds

Bed is the highlight of the bedroom and there is no denying in the fact that everyone desires a cosy and comfortable bed which is modern as well as stylish. It’s possible that you might not like the readymade beds featured at furniture stores. That is why most of such stores let you custom design bed set in UAE. You can easily get custom designed single beds, double beds, bunk beds, beds with and without storage in contemporary designs for your bedroom. So at the end of a hectic day, you can just crash into your custom designed bed!

Apart from this, there are a lot of options for custom furniture in Abu Dhabi such as custom made dining table, sofas and seatings, coffee tables, recliners and much more. You can also opt for custom italian furniture designs. Check this list out and take the first step towards getting your furniture customized to add that personalized feel to it.