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From midsized to trucks, from SUVs to sports cars, there are a lot of choice for you when it comes at Toyota, and all of it at the best prices. Combined with luxury and quality, without compromising on comfort, a Toyota used car can take care of your needs.


The enviable and most comfortable sedan, the Toyota Corolla is a top-rated car in UAE. Among the used cars, Toyota Corolla 2009’s design and 4-wheel drive gives maximum driver comfort. The leg space and interiors are a perfect fit for four passengers. This utilitarian car is compact from the inside, but has a fairly large boot, apart from the great mileage it provides.

The Corolla is the most popular car choice pegged at most affordable prices among the used Toyota cars for sale in Abu Dhabi.


One car to not miss is the Toyota Camry for sale in Abu Dhabi. The Toyota Camry is the next most popular car of the company. The spacious luxury car provides a smooth controlled ride, with perfect acceleration. The fuel efficiency is unparalleled with hybrid variants also available. Among other mid-sized vehicles, the Camry is complete excellence. With advanced features such as adaptive cruise control, well-places controls, and latest smartphone integration, the Toyota Camry taxi for sale is the car for today and tomorrow.


The car for a huge family and to travel with ease, the the Toyota Fortuner in Abu Dhabi is quite a popular car. Another hot favourite, the Fortuner car packs in all the features of an SUV. With increased torque and impressive pick-up, it ensures travel comfort is not even mildly compromised.

Features such as rear AC and flexible air bags ensure the robust safety is a big plus with perfect passenger ease. Ample leg room in all rows, along with a big boot make long travel with a big group hassle-free.

Land Cruiser

The king of the road, owning a Land Cruiser in Abu Dhabi automatically is a style statement on the roads. Another giant, the Land Cruiser has a robust build with extravagant interiors and unaffected by road conditions. Built to military standards, it can accommodate eight people without any compromise on comfort. The powerful engine packs in a punch for all those who love travelling. With very few on the sale, the Toyota Land Cruiser is meant for those who love to feel powerful on the road.


A mean one on the road, the Toyota Tundra in Abu Dhabi is an unusual sight. Its durability and meaty features will surely make you want to take it home. The six-speed automatic transmission, unbeatable and large engine, robust tires, and many more, make this the must-have for all those who love the road. Additionally, the Tundra has a light steering wheel which makes driving and parking ever so easy. The rugged truck surely does not compromise on comfort with the luxurious Toyota features packed in.


An eye-catcher, the Toyota 86 is a surprise for those swanky car lovers among the Toyota cars for sale in Abu Dhabi. With strong fuel economy and sleek design, the 86 is a comfortable coupe. Unlike other sports cars, this car is easy to maintain and affordable. A dream car for all those who like to drive in style, the sale will ensure you can take the Toyota 86 just like a superstar.

Get the best used Toyota cars for sale in Abu Dhabi this year. Hurry. Don’t let your ride get away.