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Aerobics and Fitness Classes in Abu Dhabi

Gymnastics Classes for Kids in Mohammed Bin Zayed City | Al Qemah Sports Academy

Al Qemah Sports Academy
Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Bin Zayed City
AED 400 AED 250 37% off

Gymnastics Classes for Kids in Bani Yas | High Score Sports

High Score Sports
Abu Dhabi, Baniyas
AED 500 AED 400 20% off

Special Offers On Zumba Classes for Ladies Only in Al Mushrif | Dolphin Sports Academy

Dolphin Sports Academy
Abu Dhabi, Al Mushrif
AED 700 AED 500 28% off

Special Offers On Aerobic Classes for Ladies in Al Mushrif | Dolphin Sports Academy

Dolphin Sports Academy
Abu Dhabi, Al Mushrif
AED 700 AED 500 28% off

Storat believes that fitness is an important aspect of living our best lives. Our workout keeps us physically and mentally healthy.

We provide to you, skilled instructors, professional trainers and guides for all that you need to live the joy and healthy life. We provide Aerobics classes and fitness in Abu Dhabi. Also, we provide Aerobics classes in Dubai and Sharjah, Whether you’re here to lose weight or feel great (or both!), you’ll find a supportive tribe.

The benefits of having Aerobics classes are:

1. Improves your whole-body health

Aerobic exercise is recommended by the American Heart Association and by most doctors to people with, or at risk for, heart disease. That’s because exercise strengthens your heart and helps it more efficiently pump blood throughout the body.

2. Helps regulate blood sugar

Regular physical activity helps regulate insulin levels and lower blood sugar, all while keeping body weight in check.

3. Reduces chronic pain

If you have chronic back pain, Aerobic classes specifically low-impact activities, like swimming or aqua aerobics. As we also provide swimming classes in Abu Dhabi.

4. Aids sleep

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, try cardiovascular exercise during your waking hours. Aerobics helps in relaxing and meditation.

We offer you high-quality Aerobics classes from the best fitness academies in Abu Dhabi for all ages. 

5. Regulates weight

You may have heard that diet and exercise are the building blocks to weight loss. But aerobic exercise alone may hold the power to help you lose weight and keep it off.

As mentioned before, researchers asked overweight participants to keep their diets the same, but to engage in exercise sessions that would burn either 400 to 600 calories, 5 times a week, for 10 months.

Depending on your weight and speed, you may need more effort to lose weight but Aerobics will help you to do that! From another meaning, aerobic exercise can reduce the amount of exercise needed to lose the same amount of weight.

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Laila sami

For Trident Wellness Center

Really good service...
Nebu M Joseph

For Dolphin Sports Academy

The experience was awesome. The coach is very helpful and the assistance offered is excellent. Would...
Ghalia om Faisal

For Modern Swim Academy

I would appreciate if they clean the area around the pool....
Lili Mohamed

For Empire Aquatic in Dubai

i was amazed by their professionality ...
Reem Nader

For Dolphin Sports Academy

بطمن كتير على أولادي في الأكاديمية...
Malak Osman

For Al Qemah Sports Academy

thank you...

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